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First Midnight Movies Email - Names Redacted


The Inaugural Lineup – Spring 2013

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The Ten Types of Midnight Movies

Matt Singer – IndieWire

1. Mindfuck Movies
Sample Texts: Eraserhead, Donnie Darko

2. Movies That Simulate Drug Taking
Sample Texts: Easy Rider, Altered States

3. Movies That Encourage Drug Taking
Sample Texts: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Half Baked

4. So Bad It’s Good
Sample Texts: The Room, Plan 9 From Outer Space

5. Quotable Comedies
Sample Texts: National Lampoon’s Animal House, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

6. Nostalgia Acts
Sample Texts: The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters

7. Extreme Gore
Sample Texts: Night of the Living Dead, Cannibal Holocaust

8. Shock Tactics
Sample Texts: Pink Flamingos, Freaks

9. Rock and Roll Spectacle
Sample Texts: Pink Floyd the Wall, Tommy

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sample Texts: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Rocky Horror Picture Show